Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is Over

This was a great Christmas!

I got the one thing I reallyyy wanted, and iPhone, a surprise of a new robins egg blue box to add to my collection ;-) and other items I'm glad to have gotten.

I didn't really get in the christmas spirit this year. I blame it on the late ending of the semester and working...and kinda the warm weather too.

It's on to New Year's now. Not sure what my plans are. Probaly hangout with my sister, since I don't really talk to my old high school friends much anymore.

Then it's on to 2009. I've got a new year's resolution for this year as well. We'll see how long it'll last.

I've been cleaning out my closet tonight, and have developed quite a case of nostalgia....

off to take care of some stuff before bed...why am i working over christmas break again?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 down...4 to go....

Finally. Done. The semester is OVER.

As rough as this semester was with how my schedule was, it was one of my best semesters. I'm looking at my best GPA ever in college. It's not a 3.0, but dang close. Just gotta make sure I passed that structural analysis test. I knew that stuff so well, but made two stupid mistakes, one which will cost me about 10 points...ugh. Luckily he gives majority of points for problems that you ended up calculating a wrong number, but you did the prodcedure correct with numbers you have. I messed up some internal forces on a truss, therefore giving me wrong numbers throughout the WHOLE problem, but I did the process right, I know it. Did I mention there were 3 problems, 3 problems worth 35 percent of my grade. eek.

Wow, am I really rambling about my structural class, y'all probaly have no idea what I'm talking about, Kelly, were architechture right?

It's icy icy icy, it's really not bad here in fayetteville at all. just some drizzling here and there.

I'll venture into the ice of central arkansas tomorrow to head home for Christmas! I'd of liked to have gone home tonight, but weather is bad, and plus it's good, cause I'm tired, and really want to have my room all packed up so that when I come back after christmas I can just move all my stuff straight to the AOII HOUSE!

Tonights my last night in AOII TEMP HOUSING...sad. not. I'm looking forward to central heating and air! and a kitchen with a chef!

Looking forward to a few weeks without Bell Engineering.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Been Awhile

Wow, haven't written in awhile. It's been crazy lately. I had nonstop school before thanksgiving, and the week after, and now it's finals time. Exams started today, but all four of mine are next monday and tuesday. Kinda sucks. I'm not excited. Luckily it's a hard and "easy" one each day.

Oh, and monday/monday night/tuesday is wintry mix and snow!! with highs in the upper twenties! what happens if it ices or what not on exam days??? I'm NOT staying up here later. I'm working this break and really want to make some money, and christmas break is only 3 weeks this year so it's already less time to work.

Christmas is soon and I'm really really excited! I'm getting an iPhone! yayyy!

I had some major computer issuse back the week before thanksgiving and finally got it fixed last night/ today. Dell was kind enough to call me at 8AM when they were supposed to at 10. lovely.

All that's wrong now is my power cord has completely gone out so i've been borrowing anyone's in the house who has dell power cord.

2009 is looking GREAT! So far.

After christmas break, I come back and move into the BRAND NEW AOII HOUSE!!! It's sooo exciting! It's GORGEOUS looking! I'll need to take another picture soon. Columns are up, molding is done, sidewalks are being poured! eek! Only thing...we found out this week, WE DON'T GET CABLE?!?!?! There's not even a plug in any of the rooms??? I'm sorry, we're paying HOW MUCH?? to live in this house and we don't even get cable?! Apparently a bunch of parents have written emails and complained. I mean, I know they didn't have cable in other sorority houses, but some of these houses have been here since before cable and it's 2009 now.

Also, I TURN TWENTY ONE!!!! Soooo pumped! Now I can hangout with the big kids on dickson!

Come summer I'll have taken some really great classes that will help out a lot in my job.

Okay, I'm going to go finish my laundry and head to bed so I can wake up before noon to study.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is getting me through this week?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm not tagging anyone...but here's my 7 weird/interesting things..

1. I keep a concession stand size jar of pickles in my room

2. I've never had a cavity, braces, or a retainer *big smile* and my teeth are straight

3. I broke my big toe snooping with my brother at at the FURBY'S my sister and I were getting for christmas one year, john swore he heard the garage and i was sent running to distract while he put the furby's back, and in the process tripped over the rub and broke my toe...parents were no where in sight. we told mom and dad john was chasing me and i tripped running from him. they didn't buy it...the furbies ended up upside down in their boxes :-/

4. i'm obsessed with wearing cardigans... a little too much for a 20 year old college student

5. I met J.K. Rowling at carnegie hall in nyc

6. give me 20 more years....i need more time for more interesting stuff.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tonight took me back to Summer of 2004

O.A.R. Of A Revolution was the free fall concert at UofA.

I've been wanting to see OAR since beginning of highschool. Especially after summer of 2004. THe greatest summer of my life. None has ever compared. OAR was the soundtrack to that summer, mainly the song "I Feel Home" cause the lyrics were so true...our nights were spent "loitering" in various parking lots and peoples driveways. Never doing something illegal, cept for treking up to Shinall Mountain, and just parking our cars where we could view out over little rock and listen to music, and sometimes having cops come ask for our ID's, and accuse of us "drinkin and smokin dope" and then telling us to leave cause that's all teenagers done on shinall mountain. TRUE STORY. All we'd done was attended a highschool football game, gone to starbucks, and head up to our favorite place to just "chill".

sorry i never told you about that, dad! Not like I got in trouble anyway, we were good kids, seriously.

These lyrics of the song were always our favorite.

Feelin alright, headin out tonight,
maybe out to a dark driveway.
I say now some feel bored,
and some are lookin for more.
Well, we all just decide to stay.
We got nothin to do, and I look at you
I see something that I know and love.
and with the crack of a smile we all stay a while
we know from home there aint nothing above.

Well in the end we can all call a friend
well that's something I know as true.
And then a thousand years and a thousand tears
I'll come back to my original crew

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Amazing night. :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know I shouldn't rant on this...

What a disappointing week...

-McCain lost.

-AOII room selections for new house was complete BULLSHIT. (excuse my language). sophomores who have only been here a little over a year, and lived in the crappy temp housing for one semester got to pick over a JUNIOR AND SENIOR who have been here since DAY ONE of the sorority and are BOTH OFFICERS, and have lived in temp housing for 1 1/2 years, even though they didn't have to. we still got a good room (a triple room with only two of us in it) but it's the PRINCIPLE of the matter. I better get a parking space. Apparently theres only 41 spaces. That's less than HALF the number of girls that can live in the house! N

-Needless to say. Diana and I were FURIOUS.

-Wang is giving us a SECOND transportation test this week. we had one on monday and one tomorrow! Yes, it is a real test, worth 100 points. Not a quiz, a test.

-Rumor going around cveg department that my public works economics class next semester might be taught be WANG. can i buy a gun now?


-i've slept a lot
-tomorrows friday
-i only have two classes tomorrow

okay, sorry for venting on here even though I said I wouldn't. Figured this would also save my parents me bitching on the phone about stuff. although i'm probaly still calling dad tomorrow.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Girls School

The other night, someone asked me how I could've stood to go to an all girls school. Others in past have made fun of girls who went to an all girls school. And I was thinking about how much I loved going to an all girls school.

This sounds cliche, but I really think Mount was a huge part of who I've become. For one thing, I don't think I could be as confident and unintimidated in a major dominated by males, had it not been for Mount.

Like most (i won't say all) girls I went to high school with, if given a choice, I don't think I'd of gone elsewhere. Seriously.

Mount was A LOT of fun, too, cept for that Irish math teacher of mine. I'd love to throw my soon to be BS in Civil Engineering in his face.

Thanks mom and dad!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Wednesday Done

So, since all that goes on in my life these days is studying, here's what's up.

Transportation Midterm last wed-84%
Hydraulics test-99%
I had a strucutal analysis test today, i either got a low B or high C...this is why I want to design intersections rather than bridges or buildings.

I'm sleeppyyyy. I was up til about 2:30 studying. Oh, and our test we have during our "lab" session, it's THREE hours long. So, I took a 3 hour test today.

I'm really excited for iTunes New Music Tuesday next week, cause these guys I know Band SCHOOL BOY HUMOR, is having their first album put out! They're 5 guys from Little Rock, my age. One I was in Civil Engineering with, another I went to high school with. Last winter they all quit school to go on tour, they had record labels looking at them, and they got signed...last march I do believe, by VAGRANT, who is DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL's label. They've worked really hard and they're really good! Those of you who read this though, probaly wouldn't like their music. They use to be more of the punkish rock, but when they got signed they moved for popish punk, they really want to be kinda like the Jonas Brothers, a Disney Channel band, the crowd they're after is the 13-16 age range. Some of their songs they've redone the lyrics to help attract this crowd, getting rid of any cursing ect.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh College

Can I quit school now and get married and have babies? oh, wait, need to find a groom, first.

I had one test today and one midterm, and another test tomorrow, er today. bleh. Not to mention it's wednesday, longest day of the week, 8:30 til 5:30.

I plan to do absolutely nothing tomorrow night. Well, except for my part of a lab report.

ugh. school sucks. I need thanksgiving. I just need a long break of having to do NOTHING. Christmas break I'm really ready for, working and making money. AND NO STUDYING.

Ok, i'm done ranting now. off to do my final review of transportation engineering....

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, just finished Breaking Dawn! woohoo! Sooo goood! I'm sad it's over though! Back to Nicholas Sparks books....or school books. I keep a good even balance.

Latest Picture of the AOII HOUSE!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nicholas Sparks!

I met Nicholas Sparks today!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nicholas Sparks is having a book signing in fayetteville this saturday!!!!


Patting Myself on the Back

Well, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now. (sorry this is so long)

Back at the beginning of the school year I was a Gamma Chi for Rrecruitment. A Gamma Chi is like a rush counselor, sometimes called Rho Chis, or Pi Chi's, different things in different places. Anyway, it's like a big deal to be one here because literally 100's of girls apply. They usually pick you because you're easy to relate to, are outgoing, good leadership skills, ect. I was totally thrilled to get to do this, not to mention it's wayyyy bettterrr than being in the house!

we all have a group of anywhere from 10-15 girls. I had a group of 11. An amazing group I might say. None of them were ever rude to me, none of them made rude comments about other houses or anything, and they were all really positive throughout the whole process. The main goal of a Gamma Chi is to get girls to just GO GREEK, no matter what house. (we had to disaffiliate from our houses...hardest thing EVER. I missed everyone sooo much). So naturally some girls get upset because they got cut from the "better" houses, and want to drop out of recruitment. I'd been pretty successful throughout recruitment and had my girls all staying. But everytime one wanted to drop they did it through a text message telling me they were already leaving town, so I couldn't talk them out of it, very discouraging. By the day of pref night, I only had one girl quit. On prefnight one girl is terribly upset, because all she had left were two houses she didn't want, my house, and another. Both VERY GOOD on campus, but she had some influential friends who thought they weren't. I talked her into going to the pref parties since she was already dressed up, and she never knew, she might change her mind about them. She went. That night, she called me and told me she decided to drop, I encouraged her to come to bidday the next day and to really think about it (she did sign a pref card), and to just go to bidday and she might really love the house. The next morning I was sad to find out she was not going to come. I had a BID CARD to the house she prefed.

I never heard from her, but for some reason I'd kept her bidcard. Last weekend someone sees her and informs me she ended up accepting the bid! So...I message her on facebook asking if she did and if she wanted her bid card. She told me she meant to call me but was still really unsure about it at first. But she ended up going and loving it! I really feel like I had a part in that. All through recruitment I'd told the girls, no matter where you go, you're going to love it and have soo much fun. I'd told them being greek is an amazing experience, and it's really about the greek system as a whole rather than the indivduals. Although houses get competetive and stuff, being a gamma chi has really made me have a different outlook on greek life and it's about all the houses, fraternities and sororites, coming together!

No matter the letters, greeks do it better!

p.s. Shout out to heather! HEY GIRL HEY! Thanks for bookmarking my blog!
yayyy picture time

my AOII familyyy. From left to Right, My Grandlil Danielle, my little from last year Jordan, ME, and my little from this year Julie!
woot woot! me and heather on the way to the lake during the summer!
the computer lab got MAC's....sadly this is how we spend our evenings.
my summer roomie ashley and i. the morning after float trip 08. lookin rough.
aoii bidday! uhh this isn't the best pic, the sides are cut off! yayyy AOII!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Breaking Dawn??

I finished reading "Eclipse" about 30 minutes ago....and I'm DYING to start Breaking Dawn. My parents were going to get it for me for christmas, but I REALLY don't think I can wait that long! It only takes me a week to finish out each book! I may have to just read some more Nicholas Sparks books till then. Suspense is good, I waited YEARS for each Harry Potter book.

I should probaly go to bed. I'm back to having my 8:30 class again. Ha, but in a couple weeks I don't have my last class of the day for awhile. Ohhh having teachers who are researchers.

It's October?? Whens daylight savings? I'm looking forward to that extra hour sleep.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Relaxing Week

Goodness, I just got done watching a show on TLC about little girl beauty pageants. Ridiculous...I don't care how many of those mom's say they're just having fun, a FOUR YEAR OLD getting a spray tan??? Seriously? and "flippers" fake teeth to wear for when you've lost your teeth because you are only 5 years old and have baby teeth.

I've been enjoying my easy week. I've napped everyday. I haven't read as much as I'd like though.

Not looking forward to the football game this weekend. I'm sitting in a box with some friends though, so that'll make it more bearable! The Alley' case you're wondering, Dad. Standing in the heat in the student section while getting you're asses kicked doesn't exactly call for a grand time.

I'm's 1 am...i should go to bed. I think I'll read instead. No class till 11.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back in College Town

I'm back in fay from a weekend home! It was a good weekend home, relaxing, hanging out with the family.

I finished reading New Moon this afternoon at home. Very anxious to find out what happens in eclipse, thanks to my parents picking it up for me at Barnes and Noble. I haven't started yet, will probaly wait til tomorrow after classes.

It was nice not having any work tonight...I got to spend the night watching Sex and City up stairs in the living room with some friends!

Speaking of living rooms....there'll be some big ones in our new sorority house! We move in in january! this picture was taken back in august, around 1/2 of it is now bricked. It's 3 stories in the front, and a full 4 stories in the back. I'll get a new picture soon. Until then...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Post

I feel like I'm cheating. I've had another blog since April of 2004...shocker I know. It's private though, friends only. All my friends and I in highschool had one. It was like our facebook before facebook was open to high schoolers. So...I'm creating this one, since the rest of my family seems to have one!

I don't feel like doing much with it right now. I'm home from school for the weekend and am enjoying doing pretty much nothing but hanging around, and reading the Twilight books, and following my sister along on what is suppose to be an EASY hiking trail.

I'll probaly fix it up later this week. I FINALLY have a little break from school! The past two weeks have been awful. Test after test after lab after lab. This week will be very very relaxing. I don't even think I have a lot of sorority stuff to do! None that can even think of right now...that's good! We've had a lot lately...

I am NOT a good writer, hence why my major of choice is engineering. The extent of my writing is lab reports...and grammar definatly does not matter. I don't even know if I spelled "grammar" right :/

OK Dad, this first post was mainly for you! SHOUT OUT TO DAD!

can't guarentee I'll post in this one a lot. I use my other blog to complain about things since no one can read it anymore...don't think I want to vent out in the open web!

off to read more New Moon