Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is it thursday night yet?

Thursday's are my favorite. Despite the long class day, after those, I'm pretty much done for the day. I have concrete and senior design on friday, but I always have hw done for concrete early and senior design stuff is usually due in Foundations class on tuesdays or thursdays. Soo...THURSDAY NIGHT MUG NIGHT AT WILLY D'S. It's a great tradition my friend Kate and I have started this semester. We will go every thursday. (and don't worry dad, I get all my work done and go to class the next morning!) Mug night, for those who don't know, is if you bring in a mug (most use a willy d mug) to the piano bar you can fill it for one dollar. ONE DOLLAR...and the mug holds about 2 1/2 beers. YUM. haha

Needless to say...I'm ready for this mug night...although Kate can't come tomorrow, it's bikes blues and barbeque and she interns for them and has to run stuff all week! boooo

School's been alright, it's hard. I've yet to have a test...which worries me. Most of my classes have 2 tests and a final. scarrryyyy. So far I've done good on homework and stuff...I think, we still haven't gotten stuff back for some classes. Steel blowwwws I hate that class. I will never design a steel member. NEVER. I'll stick to pavements and such thank you very much.

This weekend is bikes, blues, and barbeque, always a fun time in fayetteville when that's going on. My friend Kate hooked me up with a job on saturday, I'm getting paid 8 dollars an hour to serve bbq! woohoo! and I get free bbq, tshirt, and beer.

Next weekend is the A&M game! I'm going with Kate to Dallas for it! It's going to be sooo much fun! A couple of our friends are staying in the same hotel and it has some good bars in walking distance. It will be a fun weekend, GO HOGS!!!

I got the cutest shirt for the game last weekend, it's a red vneck and along the side going down it says "CALL THEM & THEY WILL COME woo pig sooie" It's sooo cute!

Oh hey, I've lost 14% body fat. No big deal. And 15 pounds, no big deal again. YEA RIGHT! It would be more, but I was never THAT strict. Beer is my favorite beverage of the weekend....

My tv busted so now I have this old one of my brothers, the thing is huge! it barely fits on my desk, I'll probably move it to the top of my wardrobe here soon. I'm still working on my room, once it looks good I'll take pictures and post them.

vrrrmmm vrrrooommm vrrrooom that's all i'm hearing! I love it! I love bbbbq! I'm loving "senior" year! I still don't want to grow up though.