Friday, January 30, 2009


AOII house wednesday around noon, tree hanging into lane on maple is still there

garland avenue....the threes looked like a synchronized swimming thing

tree that uprooted tuesday night at corner of maple and garland

outside the quads

somewhere around wilson park

the person driving us had to go THROUGH the tree limbs, it was over both sides of the street

wedington, tree on powerline

old main circle

behind the AOII house...

around wilson park


garland campus entrance, all the trees you see lining the road, all the limbs are now gone

garland ave again, those trees were the most interesting

the hog outside university house on maple


Good Lord. NEVER again.

So, ice storm 2009. aka ICE BREAK 2009, due to the fact the university was closed tuesday through friday. NEVER has that happened before. My frosh year was the first time in 4 years for the university to even have a snow day and we've had one each semester since, except last.

It was crazyyyyy here. AOII power went out tuesday morning. went to a freinds, their power went out, and stayed at the quads til now. AOII house FINALLY got power again. I think they made around the university one of the top priorities. It was cold and gross and just plain blahhhh. A group of us did not know the AOII house would be closed til we got power so we really only had the clothes we had on our back and like a tshirt and sweats we'd been wearing since monday night! So i had to go buy some jeans and a shirt last night...and of the course the power would come on the next day.

Our corridor fish, stella (see below) was left in the house! when i returned today she had turned brown and wasn't moving, when we turned on the lamp by her bowl she moved, so I dumped out some of the water and put warm water in and now she's almost back to her full red color! Apparently she was just cold.

Here are pictures, and they honestly don't even do justice. By the time my parents come up here they're mostly just going to see all the tree limbs cut up on the side of the roads. Trees and their limbs were constantly falling and so were powerlines, and today the ice was melting and would fall in huge chunks and it was just bad, i'm glad we didn't have school. I didn't want that chance of ice falling on my head. Apparently campus is a DISASTER especially old main lawn, i haven't gone on it yet....but i've heard it's bad.

i don't remember where this is, somewhere by wilson park i believe

a tree outside the quads where i stayed, this picture was taken either this morning of yesterday morning...

walking towards the health center and the main part of campus, garland is on the left

along wedington

driving down garland towards weddington
i'm gonna make anotehr post of pictures cause i'm having trouble with it cause it keeps messing up my fonts!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who watches American Idol?

My sorority sister who graduated last may, her husband made it to hollywood. I didn't see his audition, but IT WAS ON TV.

KRIS ALLEN. If you watched it and saw that name from Little Rock, it was him. He might have had a guitar with him.

Monday, January 19, 2009

almosttt time!

less than 8 hours til i'm legal!!!

Going out at midnight for just a couple drinks with a few of the guys from engineering and a couple of girls i know who are 21. tomorrow night's the big night though!

and as you all know, tomorrow is also inaguration day. woo. imagine if last year hadn't been a leap year, it'd of been MLK Day and Obamas Inaguration.
my parents also sent me a hilarious ecard.

oh and today all greek life was required to attend the MLK day march, because lady in charge of greek life is black, and may i just say....the whites out numbered the blacks at least 3 to 1. kinda sad.

Monday, January 12, 2009


back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that i'm not a fool.

spring semester is ON and is looking good!

New AOII house pretty much kicks ass! Here are pictures!

this is my bed and side of the room looking from where you walk in

this is where you walk into my room and that's our vanity.

this is looking at diana's side.

this is my desk from my bed

this is dianas wardrobe

this is the dining hall

this is the parlor from the foyer

and this is the outside of it!!!