Wednesday, May 20, 2009

when i turned 21 i said 2009 was going to be a great year...and you know what? IT IS! so far...!

I had one of THE FUNNEST semesters of MY LIFE!

I learned to like baseball! (shocker!)

I turned 21!

and now Kris Allen won american idol! It feels like just yesterday we were sitting at the dinner at the house talking about the rumors we heard that katy's husband was in the top 24, soon did we find out from katy there was no top 24 but top 36 and to keep watching! Each tuesday (and sometimes wednesday) we'd dedicate those 2 hours to voting for kris...WHAT WILL I DO ON TUESDAY NIGHTS?! can't believe he made it all the way. wow...their lives will NEVER be the same!

I see an AOII philanthropy event in the future! ;-)

ice break was also a major plus!

i saw lots of movies...A LOT!

what else does 2009 have in store for me?????

how much better can 2009 get??? Still got over half a year!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


this is a clip from his homecoming! that's me in the circle! waiting for the confetti to fall!

May 8th is officially kris allen day in little rock, jacksonville, and conway!! woohoo!!!

It was such a fun day! Sorry these are delayed...but Kris has, as you all know, been voted into the TOP TWO! He's in the FINALE! His version of "Heartless" is what got him there! I lovedddd his version! Here's a good video of it if you missed it!

ok, here are some pictures from last week!

woohoo kris allen!!

EVERY WINDOW was decorated with something!

AOII LOVES KRIS ALLEN! our "brother-in-law"

after a very long day, we're walking to the car and oh no! KATY!! yayy! but we attracted a crowd and after this picture there was a LINE of people wanting their picture with her!

Alpha Love for Kris!

waiting...waiting...waiting...2 hours before the parade! front row...kinda!

finished result!

working on the posters!

they're totally throwing up alpha love! his body guard made him put it down though! must've thought it was some gang sign! haha, there's a video too, but it was too big to email so i've got to get it on CD.

VIDEOS! videos! it keeps freezing up and i don't want to lose my whole entry! videos in another post!

vote vote vote next week! and aunt pammy! aunt kelly tells me you like adam! no doubt he's good, but you better be voting for kris! haha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


check it out, around sorority sister rylee does the talking.

dad used to work with a lady in radio who now works for this station and shes going to get the raw footage emailed to us. woohoo!!

bigger kris allen update coming! we finally got internet, but it's late and i've got work in the morning!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where do I even start??

Wow, OK, this is going to be long....It's been way over a month since my last read update.

-school was rough this semester, some HARD classes. My hardest class though, I got my grade back today, I got a "B"!! I was soooo excited!

-I just got back in little rock tonight for a few days. Heading back saturday evening to move into my summer apartment. A sorority sister is subletting her apartment to my friend Jillian and I. We're PUMPED.

-KRIS ALLEN IS IN THE TOP 3!!! I'm in little rock right now so, OF COURSE I'm going to see him on friday! Thank you for voting y'all! It truly has made a difference! Keep voting! Vote more than ever next week! Get him in the FINALS!

-School got tough these last, oh 4 weeks, and we I didn't get to do much. Went out last friday to dickson with some of the boys. Was a WELL DESERVED break from BELL ENGINEERING BUILDING!

-summer hasn't really hit me yet. once i haven't gone in bell for at least 3 days..i think it'll hit. ha

-i'm going to miss my boys this summer though! luckily a lot of them will be in town! a couple even working at garver! yay! This may sound corny, but we all become like a "family" there's not many majors where you literally spend ALL DAY with your classmates. We're all really close and it makes engineering A LOT more fun! hahaha

-speaking of garver...i start work monday! I'm actually excited! I love earning my money and not having homework! Not sure about this new boss though...he doesn't seem as laid back at frank was. We'll see! Luckily I'll be doing a lot of work for Nicci down in litte rock! We just scan and email everything back and forth!

-I'm so busy while I'm home! I've got the dentist tomorrow and lunch with my sister and gotta go to dillards and buy diana and daves wedding present! friday I've a hair apointment at (yikes!) 730 and eye doctor at 10! Then I've got to go to all that Kris Allen stuff all day friday with my friends cameron and anthony.

-my bullets keep getting longer! sorry!

-Guess I'm gonna go to bed! I'm EXHAUSTED from this week! More updates to come now that it's SUMMER!

-oh crap. i have to grow up in 18 months.