Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm sitting at my desk, looking straight out my window at a pretty heavy snow fall.

The forecast changed in the last hour. 100% tonight, tomorrow, and 80% tomorrow night! 1-3 over night and after it's all done up to 11 inches total! (probably not us though...)

Recently, while talking with a friend, I determined I would have no problem moving somewhere up north for awhile. Especially while I'm young. If I work for Garver and they continue their expanding and open a further north office, I think I'd be the first to jump on it.

My friends ask me where I my constant love of snow and winter and cold weather come from. I have no idea, guess it was just the way I was raised. Helps I've been lucky enough to have gone to colorado almost every year of my life.

If Fayetteville public schools close I have no classes tomorrow. I might call into work...especially if there's a lot of snow on the ground. I'm still in college, not wasting a snow day at work! You don't really get those much when you graduate.

I wish I had a fire place and a couch in my room, and a porch light. Guess I"ll have to do with my bed and a street light!