Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 is here!

Figured I'd get in one more update before 2010.

phew. what a year! I turned 21...and well...that's about it!

7 semesters down....2 to go! 22 hours between me and the real world! :/

Man, I can't believe it's 2010!! I feel like I just graduated high school (i know 4 years ago isn't that long...but it's flown by!)!!

Some days at work I sit there and I really have to do this for the next 43 years?!

This past semester has been a blast socially but terrible school wise. Mainly because of one class, which only God knows how I got in B in there. Well, I do amazing group of our design project! Those boys carried me and I'm not afraid to admit it, although they claim they couldn't have done a lot of the stuff without me ;)

Coming up I've the big double deuce. My sister's coming in town for that weekend so it will definitely be a good time. Especially Thursday at the piano bar! Piano bar is my favorite place EVER.

I'm headed to fayetteville tomorrow for new years eve. Should be an amazing time!


just bugs me all the texas girls who complain complain when it's 45 degrees outside...then they're bragging how it's 73 degrees in december and the next day they get their first white christmas in 80 years and they can't get enough of it! yes. i am bitter. still.

well not too exciting of a life right now, just having fun, earning some money and trying to think about growing up for awhile.

see ya in 2010!