Saturday, February 28, 2009

So, what is it? Spring or Winter?

I knew there was a chance of snow overnight and for today....but when I woke up this morning around 8:30 i really didn't expect to see snow on the ground....and for it to stay all day and snow more.

It was veryyy cold all day. We had house dedication this morning, and mom's day this afternoon. I went to house dedication and then took a nap during mom's day.

During house dedication, Susan Danko, international president, made a very good point that everytime headquarters comes to fayetteville for something, it snows, or ices! During the installation of our chapter, my initiation in 2007, it snowed! And it iced during the original house dedication, and it snowed today!

The snow is pretty, but I'm ready for spring! Ice break kinda got me tired of it, and the tease of spring this past was so pretty!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


School Boy Humor's album came out and is selling out in soo many places, it's on back order on!!!


I welled up seeing Katy start to cry on tv!! It was just sooo exciting!!! He's an amazing singer and just ahhhhhh!! TOP FREAKING TWELVE!!!

Arkansas has really been put on the map lately! AMAZING.

ahhhhhh!! I just can't get over it!!!

Hydrology test blewwwww todayyy! That crap was HARD.

Better news, Thursday Night Movie was was kinda funny, kinda cute. Next week we're seeing Taken though, Cam and I have been wanting to see it, but no one else has, so were picking it next week!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


They've worked amazingly hard and have accomplished sooo much! The album is absolutely AMAZING! I'm pretty fond of "Please Stand Up" because they mention "West Little Rock" haha!

"Good to Meet You" is my favorite, though!

It was reallyyy exciting to walk into the store and see their album sitting there on the shelf! And to see them on iTunes! They're gonna be famous...I just know it!

Okay, bigger news...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! (tomorrow, really)

(oh and don't forget to vote for KRIS ALLEN TOMORROW NIGHT!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol

Ohhh man, I was sooo mad that Anoop didn't get in the top 12. Hopefully he'll get a wild card!

KRIS ALLEN NEXT WEEK! EVERYONE VOTE TUESDAY NIGHT!! You can vote as many times as you'd like, sooo...if you have unlimited text! haha!

Also, why do the hogs suck? Like really? I was going to go to the game tonight, but the boys were getting there super early to get front row and I was like, nahhh I don't want to be front row and wait soooo long just to probably lose. Of course, we did.

I love it when I finish my homework early. Not procrastinating makes the evenings much better!

Thursday night movie...CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC! Apparently...we have to let the boys pick a movie soon?? They've been girly lately...twilight, he's just not that into you (amazinggg by the way), and now confessions of a shopaholic. We'll probaly see "taken" next week, cam's been talking about it a lot.

I got scowled last night for having never seen V for I'm watching that now.

Wow, what a rambling post.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Great year so far!

2009 has been a greattt year so far! School still sucks, but isn't as bad as it could be. I just need to not procrastinate sometimes.

During ICE BREAK I started hanging out with some reallyyyy cool people and we've all been having soo much fun!

Valentine's day was probaly the best single's valentines day i've ever had! Probably better than the one i've spent with a boy! haha!

Lauren, Jessica, and I went out with 2 of our amazinggg guy friends! Cameron and Zac! They picked us up from the AOII house and had a box of chocolates and flowers for each of us! And we were all dressed up, like really nice and the boys were too in their suits and dress pants! (these boys don't like dressing up! we took them shopping the night before!) We all went out to dinner at Noodles and then came back and took some pictures and then went out for the night. It was a really good night!

OK, so I thought i'd post some pictures of my friends, mainly for my dad so he can see who these people are i've been hanging out with all the time!

zachary and me cambam and i at gullets on valentine's day

adam and me at gullets on valentines day

sterlyn, me, lauren, and cameron at a going away party during icebreak

me lauren and jessica during ice break. (lauren's in the back)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009