Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is getting me through this week?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm not tagging anyone...but here's my 7 weird/interesting things..

1. I keep a concession stand size jar of pickles in my room

2. I've never had a cavity, braces, or a retainer *big smile* and my teeth are straight

3. I broke my big toe snooping with my brother at at the FURBY'S my sister and I were getting for christmas one year, john swore he heard the garage and i was sent running to distract while he put the furby's back, and in the process tripped over the rub and broke my toe...parents were no where in sight. we told mom and dad john was chasing me and i tripped running from him. they didn't buy it...the furbies ended up upside down in their boxes :-/

4. i'm obsessed with wearing cardigans... a little too much for a 20 year old college student

5. I met J.K. Rowling at carnegie hall in nyc

6. give me 20 more years....i need more time for more interesting stuff.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tonight took me back to Summer of 2004

O.A.R. Of A Revolution was the free fall concert at UofA.

I've been wanting to see OAR since beginning of highschool. Especially after summer of 2004. THe greatest summer of my life. None has ever compared. OAR was the soundtrack to that summer, mainly the song "I Feel Home" cause the lyrics were so true...our nights were spent "loitering" in various parking lots and peoples driveways. Never doing something illegal, cept for treking up to Shinall Mountain, and just parking our cars where we could view out over little rock and listen to music, and sometimes having cops come ask for our ID's, and accuse of us "drinkin and smokin dope" and then telling us to leave cause that's all teenagers done on shinall mountain. TRUE STORY. All we'd done was attended a highschool football game, gone to starbucks, and head up to our favorite place to just "chill".

sorry i never told you about that, dad! Not like I got in trouble anyway, we were good kids, seriously.

These lyrics of the song were always our favorite.

Feelin alright, headin out tonight,
maybe out to a dark driveway.
I say now some feel bored,
and some are lookin for more.
Well, we all just decide to stay.
We got nothin to do, and I look at you
I see something that I know and love.
and with the crack of a smile we all stay a while
we know from home there aint nothing above.

Well in the end we can all call a friend
well that's something I know as true.
And then a thousand years and a thousand tears
I'll come back to my original crew

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Amazing night. :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know I shouldn't rant on this...

What a disappointing week...

-McCain lost.

-AOII room selections for new house was complete BULLSHIT. (excuse my language). sophomores who have only been here a little over a year, and lived in the crappy temp housing for one semester got to pick over a JUNIOR AND SENIOR who have been here since DAY ONE of the sorority and are BOTH OFFICERS, and have lived in temp housing for 1 1/2 years, even though they didn't have to. we still got a good room (a triple room with only two of us in it) but it's the PRINCIPLE of the matter. I better get a parking space. Apparently theres only 41 spaces. That's less than HALF the number of girls that can live in the house! N

-Needless to say. Diana and I were FURIOUS.

-Wang is giving us a SECOND transportation test this week. we had one on monday and one tomorrow! Yes, it is a real test, worth 100 points. Not a quiz, a test.

-Rumor going around cveg department that my public works economics class next semester might be taught be WANG. can i buy a gun now?


-i've slept a lot
-tomorrows friday
-i only have two classes tomorrow

okay, sorry for venting on here even though I said I wouldn't. Figured this would also save my parents me bitching on the phone about stuff. although i'm probaly still calling dad tomorrow.