Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's been over a month, time for an update!

OK, it's been over a month....

summer has been pretty great so far. It hadn't gotten really hotttt until this weekend! which is ok cause i've pretty much spent the whole weekend watching the usopen.

what's the obsession with tiger still, like he barely made the cut! "tiger is 10 strokes off the lead, could be a big comeback" no need to mention who's in the lead though....UGH. i hate tiger woods. phil is amazing though.

roommate is good, besides the fact she has legit NEVER taken the trash out, BUT ONCE, when I told her to. Also, I've realized I don't deal well when some is literally doing nothing all summer but working about 18 hours a week.

I just remembered...I start summer school in about 2 weeks. BOOOO. cause then it's summer school for 5 weeks and then work week and then rush and then START OF SENIOR YEAR. this isn't happening. I JUST graduated highschool.

So I went out on dickson friday night for the first time in a longgg time and decided to venture away from my typical beer, and it cost me fricken 6.50! malibu and pinapple juice! i went straight back to beer...HALF the price. It was also and old highschool friends 21st birthday and I saw her at shotz and bought her a shot and it was really great to see her and catch up for a bit! (it was rachael wahlgreen, by the way, dad).

Work has been GREAT this summer, I don't work for anyone in fayetteville so NO ONE bothers me all day. I actually over slept last monday (exhausted from my texas excursion) by TWO HOURS, but managed only an hour late for work, one knew i was gone! Is that a good or bad thing? haha Also, when I was in lr a few weeks ago I think my boss pretty much offered me a full time job. It's in lr though...which I don't know, maybe it won't be so bad since I'll have my own place. NO OFFENSE MOM AND DAD! I think I'm working during the fall semester too, the way my schedule falls I'll need something to keep me busy for a couple days a week.

Also, I've hired my friend Monique as a personal trainer at the HPER and in two weeks I've lost 11 pounds! WOOHOO! She just about kills me every week...its tough. I didn't work out at all this weekend...that's no bueno, maybe i'll do some lunges later. ha.

and i'm signing up for tennis lesssons! if they ever call me back...yay for keeping busy and active! This is the first weekend I've done absolutely nothing and I have not really enjoyed it.

I bought Jiffy Pop at Walmart yesterday. And yes, I did know what it was before I bought it. It'll be fun to make. haha does it actually taste good? CUE YOU OLD PEOPLE. hahaha just kidding!

Last weekend there was a little family reunion in TX for a baby shower for one of my cousins. I had a A LOT of fun and it was great to meet many family members I'd never met or only met when I was a litte baby and to see one's I hadn't seen in YEARS. I really enjoyed myself and hope that we can all do it again in a few years.

I also got to spend a night with a sorority sister who transfered to UNT and it was really great catching up and going out with her and a few of her friends.

ok, maybe i'll update again before summer's over!