Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is Over

This was a great Christmas!

I got the one thing I reallyyy wanted, and iPhone, a surprise of a new robins egg blue box to add to my collection ;-) and other items I'm glad to have gotten.

I didn't really get in the christmas spirit this year. I blame it on the late ending of the semester and working...and kinda the warm weather too.

It's on to New Year's now. Not sure what my plans are. Probaly hangout with my sister, since I don't really talk to my old high school friends much anymore.

Then it's on to 2009. I've got a new year's resolution for this year as well. We'll see how long it'll last.

I've been cleaning out my closet tonight, and have developed quite a case of nostalgia....

off to take care of some stuff before bed...why am i working over christmas break again?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 down...4 to go....

Finally. Done. The semester is OVER.

As rough as this semester was with how my schedule was, it was one of my best semesters. I'm looking at my best GPA ever in college. It's not a 3.0, but dang close. Just gotta make sure I passed that structural analysis test. I knew that stuff so well, but made two stupid mistakes, one which will cost me about 10 points...ugh. Luckily he gives majority of points for problems that you ended up calculating a wrong number, but you did the prodcedure correct with numbers you have. I messed up some internal forces on a truss, therefore giving me wrong numbers throughout the WHOLE problem, but I did the process right, I know it. Did I mention there were 3 problems, 3 problems worth 35 percent of my grade. eek.

Wow, am I really rambling about my structural class, y'all probaly have no idea what I'm talking about, Kelly, were architechture right?

It's icy icy icy, it's really not bad here in fayetteville at all. just some drizzling here and there.

I'll venture into the ice of central arkansas tomorrow to head home for Christmas! I'd of liked to have gone home tonight, but weather is bad, and plus it's good, cause I'm tired, and really want to have my room all packed up so that when I come back after christmas I can just move all my stuff straight to the AOII HOUSE!

Tonights my last night in AOII TEMP HOUSING...sad. not. I'm looking forward to central heating and air! and a kitchen with a chef!

Looking forward to a few weeks without Bell Engineering.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Been Awhile

Wow, haven't written in awhile. It's been crazy lately. I had nonstop school before thanksgiving, and the week after, and now it's finals time. Exams started today, but all four of mine are next monday and tuesday. Kinda sucks. I'm not excited. Luckily it's a hard and "easy" one each day.

Oh, and monday/monday night/tuesday is wintry mix and snow!! with highs in the upper twenties! what happens if it ices or what not on exam days??? I'm NOT staying up here later. I'm working this break and really want to make some money, and christmas break is only 3 weeks this year so it's already less time to work.

Christmas is soon and I'm really really excited! I'm getting an iPhone! yayyy!

I had some major computer issuse back the week before thanksgiving and finally got it fixed last night/ today. Dell was kind enough to call me at 8AM when they were supposed to at 10. lovely.

All that's wrong now is my power cord has completely gone out so i've been borrowing anyone's in the house who has dell power cord.

2009 is looking GREAT! So far.

After christmas break, I come back and move into the BRAND NEW AOII HOUSE!!! It's sooo exciting! It's GORGEOUS looking! I'll need to take another picture soon. Columns are up, molding is done, sidewalks are being poured! eek! Only thing...we found out this week, WE DON'T GET CABLE?!?!?! There's not even a plug in any of the rooms??? I'm sorry, we're paying HOW MUCH?? to live in this house and we don't even get cable?! Apparently a bunch of parents have written emails and complained. I mean, I know they didn't have cable in other sorority houses, but some of these houses have been here since before cable and it's 2009 now.

Also, I TURN TWENTY ONE!!!! Soooo pumped! Now I can hangout with the big kids on dickson!

Come summer I'll have taken some really great classes that will help out a lot in my job.

Okay, I'm going to go finish my laundry and head to bed so I can wake up before noon to study.