Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Official...I'm old.

Yup, pretty much. It's friday night and I could not be more excited about going to bed. Tomorrow, when I wake up at'll be SLEEPING IN! by 3 hours...

I started a new schedule at work and it's pretty much going to leave me exhausted...

Everyday from 1030 to 1230 I'm in the stupidest class ever. Kinesiology is the biggest joke major ever.

Monday: 7-630
Tuesday: 7-530 (training at 545 at hper)
Wednesday: 7-630
Thursday: 7-545 (tennis at 6 at FAC)
Friday: 7-1030 (training at 3 at hper)

techincally i have 15 minutes to makeup in there, but that's not hard to do thoughout the week.

this was all so I wouldn't have to come back to work after class...which will be very nice.

I've just put in Gran proud dad.

I'm super busy and I like it. Less time to think and less time to be around SOMEONES endless drama. I have my own trashcan now, and she has two bags that are ALL HER trash sitting on the balcony, and a sink full of dishes...which I normally would've cleaned by now, but not anymore.

OK....I'm done. Movie and bed. Greatttt night. Seriously.