Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 is here!

Figured I'd get in one more update before 2010.

phew. what a year! I turned 21...and well...that's about it!

7 semesters down....2 to go! 22 hours between me and the real world! :/

Man, I can't believe it's 2010!! I feel like I just graduated high school (i know 4 years ago isn't that long...but it's flown by!)!!

Some days at work I sit there and I really have to do this for the next 43 years?!

This past semester has been a blast socially but terrible school wise. Mainly because of one class, which only God knows how I got in B in there. Well, I do amazing group of our design project! Those boys carried me and I'm not afraid to admit it, although they claim they couldn't have done a lot of the stuff without me ;)

Coming up I've the big double deuce. My sister's coming in town for that weekend so it will definitely be a good time. Especially Thursday at the piano bar! Piano bar is my favorite place EVER.

I'm headed to fayetteville tomorrow for new years eve. Should be an amazing time!


just bugs me all the texas girls who complain complain when it's 45 degrees outside...then they're bragging how it's 73 degrees in december and the next day they get their first white christmas in 80 years and they can't get enough of it! yes. i am bitter. still.

well not too exciting of a life right now, just having fun, earning some money and trying to think about growing up for awhile.

see ya in 2010!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

100 Years HOG STYLE

This year commemerates the 100 year anniversary of the ARKANSAS RAZORBACK!

"they played like a wild band of razorback hogs!"

Homecoming this year was "A Red and White Affair Celebrating 1oo Years of Razorbacks" This picture is of AOII Lawn Decorations for part of the homecoming competition, we basically had a tailgating theme.

Razorbacks are wayy better than cardinals! So happy that change happened! It's such a unique mascot! I'm SOOO PROUD TO BE A RAZORBACK!

It's halloween and homecoming game day! GO HOGS GO! What a day this will be!

woo pig sooie!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When, again, EVER, in my life would I be able to go to australia for 5 weeks?


harry potter world in orlando for a week? I could still go there with my great grand kids 60 years from now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

...Where Everybody Knows You're Name...

Goodness the past two weeks have been rough! I didn't have any just tests this semester, only MIDTERMS, so ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I'm beat. .

I reallyyy wanted to go to mug night tonight, but it's initiation tomorrow night and we're not allowed to drink 24 hours before or after ritual. Some people were like "oh go out who cares what does it matter". I know I'd feel guilty though, and ritual is what AOII is all about, if I don't respect what my sorority was founded on what's the point of doing it? So I'm staying sober.

I may still head out to grubs and see some people. I can't spend a thursday night in my room. Plus I've spent majority of my week in Bell and would like to see somewhere else!
A&M game was sooooooooo much fun!! The staidum was AMAZING!!! and of course the ending wasn't too shabby either!! WOO PIG SOOIE! oh and we bought $14 "CowboyRitas" with a glass you keep. uhhh huhhh. it was soo worth it. hahaha

Kate and I at our seats! Students had really good seats!

the view when you walk in!!! Our jaws dropped like christmas morning! there's even escalaters!

Adrianne, Lacey, me, and Kate outside John's tailgate! Great spot!

Big Brother and I in front of the staidum at his tailgate. His friend made us take a picture together. haha

Kate and I in front of the stadium! Looks like something out of the jetsons!

and the hogs win!!

EVERY SCREEN FILLED UP WITH RAZORBACKS!!!! look at all the A&M people already gone! hahahaha!!!! We shut up these annoying A&M Girls in a box behind us reallll quick! During the hog song "we're gonna beat the hell outta you and you and you and you ect" everyone around us turned around and pointed at them hahaha it was actually really funny if you saw their faces.

my first trip to whataburger! It was a disaapointment, my chicken buscuit was crap. but as kate put it "it's really all about the taquitos".

This is also a picture post of me and friends lately!

A couple of my fellow mug nighters! Emily and Lacy!

some sisters and me out at grubs one night!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm TEXAS BOUND! 4 hours!

and i got THE COOLEST blue mug last night. It's beautiful.

I'm soooo excited for the game!! and texas in general! ahhhh!

And my brother and I had a 6 minute long conversation that was civil! we're growing up!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is it thursday night yet?

Thursday's are my favorite. Despite the long class day, after those, I'm pretty much done for the day. I have concrete and senior design on friday, but I always have hw done for concrete early and senior design stuff is usually due in Foundations class on tuesdays or thursdays. Soo...THURSDAY NIGHT MUG NIGHT AT WILLY D'S. It's a great tradition my friend Kate and I have started this semester. We will go every thursday. (and don't worry dad, I get all my work done and go to class the next morning!) Mug night, for those who don't know, is if you bring in a mug (most use a willy d mug) to the piano bar you can fill it for one dollar. ONE DOLLAR...and the mug holds about 2 1/2 beers. YUM. haha

Needless to say...I'm ready for this mug night...although Kate can't come tomorrow, it's bikes blues and barbeque and she interns for them and has to run stuff all week! boooo

School's been alright, it's hard. I've yet to have a test...which worries me. Most of my classes have 2 tests and a final. scarrryyyy. So far I've done good on homework and stuff...I think, we still haven't gotten stuff back for some classes. Steel blowwwws I hate that class. I will never design a steel member. NEVER. I'll stick to pavements and such thank you very much.

This weekend is bikes, blues, and barbeque, always a fun time in fayetteville when that's going on. My friend Kate hooked me up with a job on saturday, I'm getting paid 8 dollars an hour to serve bbq! woohoo! and I get free bbq, tshirt, and beer.

Next weekend is the A&M game! I'm going with Kate to Dallas for it! It's going to be sooo much fun! A couple of our friends are staying in the same hotel and it has some good bars in walking distance. It will be a fun weekend, GO HOGS!!!

I got the cutest shirt for the game last weekend, it's a red vneck and along the side going down it says "CALL THEM & THEY WILL COME woo pig sooie" It's sooo cute!

Oh hey, I've lost 14% body fat. No big deal. And 15 pounds, no big deal again. YEA RIGHT! It would be more, but I was never THAT strict. Beer is my favorite beverage of the weekend....

My tv busted so now I have this old one of my brothers, the thing is huge! it barely fits on my desk, I'll probably move it to the top of my wardrobe here soon. I'm still working on my room, once it looks good I'll take pictures and post them.

vrrrmmm vrrrooommm vrrrooom that's all i'm hearing! I love it! I love bbbbq! I'm loving "senior" year! I still don't want to grow up though.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was in the process of writing a really happy chirpy post about how great this semester was going to be, but I'd endup just be negative. So don't expect a back to school update post for awhile. It's gonna take something pretty fricking awesome to deserve a post.

Like and A on my first steel test. hah

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beginning of the End

Well, my summer's officially over tonight. Move in and work week starts tomorrow, then rush, then school. Granted I still have one more summer and one more semester, it is my last year in the AOII house and the year I should be graduating.

My car's all packed, there's a few things of mine left in the apartment for the parentals to get tomorrow. It's kinda sad, reminds me of last summer...when I was the last one left.

I have no TV right now so I'm going to go see a movie by myself tonight! A saturday night by MYSELF. I've done it before, but like on a wednesday. I'm seeing Julie and Julia.

This summer went by wayyy to fast. 3 months FLEW by. Hell, the last 3 years flew by.

Well I don't know what else to say, really. I'm off work for 2 weeks, which will be nice. I'll actually be sleeping in!

I'll probably update again when school starts back up and I have something to actually talk about.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Official...I'm old.

Yup, pretty much. It's friday night and I could not be more excited about going to bed. Tomorrow, when I wake up at'll be SLEEPING IN! by 3 hours...

I started a new schedule at work and it's pretty much going to leave me exhausted...

Everyday from 1030 to 1230 I'm in the stupidest class ever. Kinesiology is the biggest joke major ever.

Monday: 7-630
Tuesday: 7-530 (training at 545 at hper)
Wednesday: 7-630
Thursday: 7-545 (tennis at 6 at FAC)
Friday: 7-1030 (training at 3 at hper)

techincally i have 15 minutes to makeup in there, but that's not hard to do thoughout the week.

this was all so I wouldn't have to come back to work after class...which will be very nice.

I've just put in Gran proud dad.

I'm super busy and I like it. Less time to think and less time to be around SOMEONES endless drama. I have my own trashcan now, and she has two bags that are ALL HER trash sitting on the balcony, and a sink full of dishes...which I normally would've cleaned by now, but not anymore.

OK....I'm done. Movie and bed. Greatttt night. Seriously.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's been over a month, time for an update!

OK, it's been over a month....

summer has been pretty great so far. It hadn't gotten really hotttt until this weekend! which is ok cause i've pretty much spent the whole weekend watching the usopen.

what's the obsession with tiger still, like he barely made the cut! "tiger is 10 strokes off the lead, could be a big comeback" no need to mention who's in the lead though....UGH. i hate tiger woods. phil is amazing though.

roommate is good, besides the fact she has legit NEVER taken the trash out, BUT ONCE, when I told her to. Also, I've realized I don't deal well when some is literally doing nothing all summer but working about 18 hours a week.

I just remembered...I start summer school in about 2 weeks. BOOOO. cause then it's summer school for 5 weeks and then work week and then rush and then START OF SENIOR YEAR. this isn't happening. I JUST graduated highschool.

So I went out on dickson friday night for the first time in a longgg time and decided to venture away from my typical beer, and it cost me fricken 6.50! malibu and pinapple juice! i went straight back to beer...HALF the price. It was also and old highschool friends 21st birthday and I saw her at shotz and bought her a shot and it was really great to see her and catch up for a bit! (it was rachael wahlgreen, by the way, dad).

Work has been GREAT this summer, I don't work for anyone in fayetteville so NO ONE bothers me all day. I actually over slept last monday (exhausted from my texas excursion) by TWO HOURS, but managed only an hour late for work, one knew i was gone! Is that a good or bad thing? haha Also, when I was in lr a few weeks ago I think my boss pretty much offered me a full time job. It's in lr though...which I don't know, maybe it won't be so bad since I'll have my own place. NO OFFENSE MOM AND DAD! I think I'm working during the fall semester too, the way my schedule falls I'll need something to keep me busy for a couple days a week.

Also, I've hired my friend Monique as a personal trainer at the HPER and in two weeks I've lost 11 pounds! WOOHOO! She just about kills me every week...its tough. I didn't work out at all this weekend...that's no bueno, maybe i'll do some lunges later. ha.

and i'm signing up for tennis lesssons! if they ever call me back...yay for keeping busy and active! This is the first weekend I've done absolutely nothing and I have not really enjoyed it.

I bought Jiffy Pop at Walmart yesterday. And yes, I did know what it was before I bought it. It'll be fun to make. haha does it actually taste good? CUE YOU OLD PEOPLE. hahaha just kidding!

Last weekend there was a little family reunion in TX for a baby shower for one of my cousins. I had a A LOT of fun and it was great to meet many family members I'd never met or only met when I was a litte baby and to see one's I hadn't seen in YEARS. I really enjoyed myself and hope that we can all do it again in a few years.

I also got to spend a night with a sorority sister who transfered to UNT and it was really great catching up and going out with her and a few of her friends.

ok, maybe i'll update again before summer's over!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

when i turned 21 i said 2009 was going to be a great year...and you know what? IT IS! so far...!

I had one of THE FUNNEST semesters of MY LIFE!

I learned to like baseball! (shocker!)

I turned 21!

and now Kris Allen won american idol! It feels like just yesterday we were sitting at the dinner at the house talking about the rumors we heard that katy's husband was in the top 24, soon did we find out from katy there was no top 24 but top 36 and to keep watching! Each tuesday (and sometimes wednesday) we'd dedicate those 2 hours to voting for kris...WHAT WILL I DO ON TUESDAY NIGHTS?! can't believe he made it all the way. wow...their lives will NEVER be the same!

I see an AOII philanthropy event in the future! ;-)

ice break was also a major plus!

i saw lots of movies...A LOT!

what else does 2009 have in store for me?????

how much better can 2009 get??? Still got over half a year!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


this is a clip from his homecoming! that's me in the circle! waiting for the confetti to fall!

May 8th is officially kris allen day in little rock, jacksonville, and conway!! woohoo!!!

It was such a fun day! Sorry these are delayed...but Kris has, as you all know, been voted into the TOP TWO! He's in the FINALE! His version of "Heartless" is what got him there! I lovedddd his version! Here's a good video of it if you missed it!

ok, here are some pictures from last week!

woohoo kris allen!!

EVERY WINDOW was decorated with something!

AOII LOVES KRIS ALLEN! our "brother-in-law"

after a very long day, we're walking to the car and oh no! KATY!! yayy! but we attracted a crowd and after this picture there was a LINE of people wanting their picture with her!

Alpha Love for Kris!

waiting...waiting...waiting...2 hours before the parade! front row...kinda!

finished result!

working on the posters!

they're totally throwing up alpha love! his body guard made him put it down though! must've thought it was some gang sign! haha, there's a video too, but it was too big to email so i've got to get it on CD.

VIDEOS! videos! it keeps freezing up and i don't want to lose my whole entry! videos in another post!

vote vote vote next week! and aunt pammy! aunt kelly tells me you like adam! no doubt he's good, but you better be voting for kris! haha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


check it out, around sorority sister rylee does the talking.

dad used to work with a lady in radio who now works for this station and shes going to get the raw footage emailed to us. woohoo!!

bigger kris allen update coming! we finally got internet, but it's late and i've got work in the morning!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where do I even start??

Wow, OK, this is going to be long....It's been way over a month since my last read update.

-school was rough this semester, some HARD classes. My hardest class though, I got my grade back today, I got a "B"!! I was soooo excited!

-I just got back in little rock tonight for a few days. Heading back saturday evening to move into my summer apartment. A sorority sister is subletting her apartment to my friend Jillian and I. We're PUMPED.

-KRIS ALLEN IS IN THE TOP 3!!! I'm in little rock right now so, OF COURSE I'm going to see him on friday! Thank you for voting y'all! It truly has made a difference! Keep voting! Vote more than ever next week! Get him in the FINALS!

-School got tough these last, oh 4 weeks, and we I didn't get to do much. Went out last friday to dickson with some of the boys. Was a WELL DESERVED break from BELL ENGINEERING BUILDING!

-summer hasn't really hit me yet. once i haven't gone in bell for at least 3 days..i think it'll hit. ha

-i'm going to miss my boys this summer though! luckily a lot of them will be in town! a couple even working at garver! yay! This may sound corny, but we all become like a "family" there's not many majors where you literally spend ALL DAY with your classmates. We're all really close and it makes engineering A LOT more fun! hahaha

-speaking of garver...i start work monday! I'm actually excited! I love earning my money and not having homework! Not sure about this new boss though...he doesn't seem as laid back at frank was. We'll see! Luckily I'll be doing a lot of work for Nicci down in litte rock! We just scan and email everything back and forth!

-I'm so busy while I'm home! I've got the dentist tomorrow and lunch with my sister and gotta go to dillards and buy diana and daves wedding present! friday I've a hair apointment at (yikes!) 730 and eye doctor at 10! Then I've got to go to all that Kris Allen stuff all day friday with my friends cameron and anthony.

-my bullets keep getting longer! sorry!

-Guess I'm gonna go to bed! I'm EXHAUSTED from this week! More updates to come now that it's SUMMER!

-oh crap. i have to grow up in 18 months.

Friday, April 24, 2009

i'm alive!

hadn't updated in a long time, thought i'd just let everyone know i'm still alive...barely.

i'll update about my life in two weeks!

Saturday, March 14, 2009




Wednesday, March 11, 2009

clairE's life

Hey dad, my name has an E. I mean to mention that to you on the're son's been giving me a hard time about you misspelling my name for my taxes stuff.

Phewwww almost spring break.

I've got just one homework assignment and MAYBE a geometric design lab between the break and me.

KRIS ALLEN IS SAFE! Oh my goodness, I DEFINATLY put my unlimited text messaging to the use. Thank goodness I didn't have a test to study for last night. I really hope they don't drag out every results show an WHOLE HOUR, it's just toooo long. I'm sooo excited for Kris and Katy though! I'm kicking myself for not going to their wedding now! I was even in town that weekend! haha

I need new movies to come out! I've basically seen every good one that is out! I don't know the last time i updated movies, but i've also seen "Taken", "Slumdog Millionaire", and "Watchmen"

Watchmen was just really really really really really really REALLY long.

alrighty, I'm pretty tired and have actually been getting to bed at decent times lately.

OH! I FINALLY got a hold of my contact frank at Garver, after many games of phone tag, and I'm hired for next summer...with a RAISE! wooohooo! But Frank is moving to the Frisco, Tx office, so I'll have a new supervisor, and they're remodling so I'll be put at a different office in fayetteville! annddd my friend will is probably working there this summer too!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well, only two more years til I get to have fun...

Seriously? The one fuction I'm actually able to go because it's on a WEEKEND is now on a thursday night. FML. Like seriously, AOII? Plan stuff further in advance! Formal is the one thing I'm able to go to and this year I can't even go to that!

I don't get to go anywhere for spring break.

I didn't get to go to a single fucntion this year.

and now i can't go to formal.

cool. 2 more years til this all pays off. Hopefully.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

So, what is it? Spring or Winter?

I knew there was a chance of snow overnight and for today....but when I woke up this morning around 8:30 i really didn't expect to see snow on the ground....and for it to stay all day and snow more.

It was veryyy cold all day. We had house dedication this morning, and mom's day this afternoon. I went to house dedication and then took a nap during mom's day.

During house dedication, Susan Danko, international president, made a very good point that everytime headquarters comes to fayetteville for something, it snows, or ices! During the installation of our chapter, my initiation in 2007, it snowed! And it iced during the original house dedication, and it snowed today!

The snow is pretty, but I'm ready for spring! Ice break kinda got me tired of it, and the tease of spring this past was so pretty!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


School Boy Humor's album came out and is selling out in soo many places, it's on back order on!!!


I welled up seeing Katy start to cry on tv!! It was just sooo exciting!!! He's an amazing singer and just ahhhhhh!! TOP FREAKING TWELVE!!!

Arkansas has really been put on the map lately! AMAZING.

ahhhhhh!! I just can't get over it!!!

Hydrology test blewwwww todayyy! That crap was HARD.

Better news, Thursday Night Movie was was kinda funny, kinda cute. Next week we're seeing Taken though, Cam and I have been wanting to see it, but no one else has, so were picking it next week!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


They've worked amazingly hard and have accomplished sooo much! The album is absolutely AMAZING! I'm pretty fond of "Please Stand Up" because they mention "West Little Rock" haha!

"Good to Meet You" is my favorite, though!

It was reallyyy exciting to walk into the store and see their album sitting there on the shelf! And to see them on iTunes! They're gonna be famous...I just know it!

Okay, bigger news...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! (tomorrow, really)

(oh and don't forget to vote for KRIS ALLEN TOMORROW NIGHT!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol

Ohhh man, I was sooo mad that Anoop didn't get in the top 12. Hopefully he'll get a wild card!

KRIS ALLEN NEXT WEEK! EVERYONE VOTE TUESDAY NIGHT!! You can vote as many times as you'd like, sooo...if you have unlimited text! haha!

Also, why do the hogs suck? Like really? I was going to go to the game tonight, but the boys were getting there super early to get front row and I was like, nahhh I don't want to be front row and wait soooo long just to probably lose. Of course, we did.

I love it when I finish my homework early. Not procrastinating makes the evenings much better!

Thursday night movie...CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC! Apparently...we have to let the boys pick a movie soon?? They've been girly lately...twilight, he's just not that into you (amazinggg by the way), and now confessions of a shopaholic. We'll probaly see "taken" next week, cam's been talking about it a lot.

I got scowled last night for having never seen V for I'm watching that now.

Wow, what a rambling post.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Great year so far!

2009 has been a greattt year so far! School still sucks, but isn't as bad as it could be. I just need to not procrastinate sometimes.

During ICE BREAK I started hanging out with some reallyyyy cool people and we've all been having soo much fun!

Valentine's day was probaly the best single's valentines day i've ever had! Probably better than the one i've spent with a boy! haha!

Lauren, Jessica, and I went out with 2 of our amazinggg guy friends! Cameron and Zac! They picked us up from the AOII house and had a box of chocolates and flowers for each of us! And we were all dressed up, like really nice and the boys were too in their suits and dress pants! (these boys don't like dressing up! we took them shopping the night before!) We all went out to dinner at Noodles and then came back and took some pictures and then went out for the night. It was a really good night!

OK, so I thought i'd post some pictures of my friends, mainly for my dad so he can see who these people are i've been hanging out with all the time!

zachary and me cambam and i at gullets on valentine's day

adam and me at gullets on valentines day

sterlyn, me, lauren, and cameron at a going away party during icebreak

me lauren and jessica during ice break. (lauren's in the back)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009


AOII house wednesday around noon, tree hanging into lane on maple is still there

garland avenue....the threes looked like a synchronized swimming thing

tree that uprooted tuesday night at corner of maple and garland

outside the quads

somewhere around wilson park

the person driving us had to go THROUGH the tree limbs, it was over both sides of the street

wedington, tree on powerline

old main circle

behind the AOII house...

around wilson park


garland campus entrance, all the trees you see lining the road, all the limbs are now gone

garland ave again, those trees were the most interesting

the hog outside university house on maple


Good Lord. NEVER again.

So, ice storm 2009. aka ICE BREAK 2009, due to the fact the university was closed tuesday through friday. NEVER has that happened before. My frosh year was the first time in 4 years for the university to even have a snow day and we've had one each semester since, except last.

It was crazyyyyy here. AOII power went out tuesday morning. went to a freinds, their power went out, and stayed at the quads til now. AOII house FINALLY got power again. I think they made around the university one of the top priorities. It was cold and gross and just plain blahhhh. A group of us did not know the AOII house would be closed til we got power so we really only had the clothes we had on our back and like a tshirt and sweats we'd been wearing since monday night! So i had to go buy some jeans and a shirt last night...and of the course the power would come on the next day.

Our corridor fish, stella (see below) was left in the house! when i returned today she had turned brown and wasn't moving, when we turned on the lamp by her bowl she moved, so I dumped out some of the water and put warm water in and now she's almost back to her full red color! Apparently she was just cold.

Here are pictures, and they honestly don't even do justice. By the time my parents come up here they're mostly just going to see all the tree limbs cut up on the side of the roads. Trees and their limbs were constantly falling and so were powerlines, and today the ice was melting and would fall in huge chunks and it was just bad, i'm glad we didn't have school. I didn't want that chance of ice falling on my head. Apparently campus is a DISASTER especially old main lawn, i haven't gone on it yet....but i've heard it's bad.

i don't remember where this is, somewhere by wilson park i believe

a tree outside the quads where i stayed, this picture was taken either this morning of yesterday morning...

walking towards the health center and the main part of campus, garland is on the left

along wedington

driving down garland towards weddington
i'm gonna make anotehr post of pictures cause i'm having trouble with it cause it keeps messing up my fonts!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who watches American Idol?

My sorority sister who graduated last may, her husband made it to hollywood. I didn't see his audition, but IT WAS ON TV.

KRIS ALLEN. If you watched it and saw that name from Little Rock, it was him. He might have had a guitar with him.

Monday, January 19, 2009

almosttt time!

less than 8 hours til i'm legal!!!

Going out at midnight for just a couple drinks with a few of the guys from engineering and a couple of girls i know who are 21. tomorrow night's the big night though!

and as you all know, tomorrow is also inaguration day. woo. imagine if last year hadn't been a leap year, it'd of been MLK Day and Obamas Inaguration.
my parents also sent me a hilarious ecard.

oh and today all greek life was required to attend the MLK day march, because lady in charge of greek life is black, and may i just say....the whites out numbered the blacks at least 3 to 1. kinda sad.

Monday, January 12, 2009


back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that i'm not a fool.

spring semester is ON and is looking good!

New AOII house pretty much kicks ass! Here are pictures!

this is my bed and side of the room looking from where you walk in

this is where you walk into my room and that's our vanity.

this is looking at diana's side.

this is my desk from my bed

this is dianas wardrobe

this is the dining hall

this is the parlor from the foyer

and this is the outside of it!!!