Saturday, October 31, 2009

100 Years HOG STYLE

This year commemerates the 100 year anniversary of the ARKANSAS RAZORBACK!

"they played like a wild band of razorback hogs!"

Homecoming this year was "A Red and White Affair Celebrating 1oo Years of Razorbacks" This picture is of AOII Lawn Decorations for part of the homecoming competition, we basically had a tailgating theme.

Razorbacks are wayy better than cardinals! So happy that change happened! It's such a unique mascot! I'm SOOO PROUD TO BE A RAZORBACK!

It's halloween and homecoming game day! GO HOGS GO! What a day this will be!

woo pig sooie!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When, again, EVER, in my life would I be able to go to australia for 5 weeks?


harry potter world in orlando for a week? I could still go there with my great grand kids 60 years from now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

...Where Everybody Knows You're Name...

Goodness the past two weeks have been rough! I didn't have any just tests this semester, only MIDTERMS, so ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I'm beat. .

I reallyyy wanted to go to mug night tonight, but it's initiation tomorrow night and we're not allowed to drink 24 hours before or after ritual. Some people were like "oh go out who cares what does it matter". I know I'd feel guilty though, and ritual is what AOII is all about, if I don't respect what my sorority was founded on what's the point of doing it? So I'm staying sober.

I may still head out to grubs and see some people. I can't spend a thursday night in my room. Plus I've spent majority of my week in Bell and would like to see somewhere else!
A&M game was sooooooooo much fun!! The staidum was AMAZING!!! and of course the ending wasn't too shabby either!! WOO PIG SOOIE! oh and we bought $14 "CowboyRitas" with a glass you keep. uhhh huhhh. it was soo worth it. hahaha

Kate and I at our seats! Students had really good seats!

the view when you walk in!!! Our jaws dropped like christmas morning! there's even escalaters!

Adrianne, Lacey, me, and Kate outside John's tailgate! Great spot!

Big Brother and I in front of the staidum at his tailgate. His friend made us take a picture together. haha

Kate and I in front of the stadium! Looks like something out of the jetsons!

and the hogs win!!

EVERY SCREEN FILLED UP WITH RAZORBACKS!!!! look at all the A&M people already gone! hahahaha!!!! We shut up these annoying A&M Girls in a box behind us reallll quick! During the hog song "we're gonna beat the hell outta you and you and you and you ect" everyone around us turned around and pointed at them hahaha it was actually really funny if you saw their faces.

my first trip to whataburger! It was a disaapointment, my chicken buscuit was crap. but as kate put it "it's really all about the taquitos".

This is also a picture post of me and friends lately!

A couple of my fellow mug nighters! Emily and Lacy!

some sisters and me out at grubs one night!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm TEXAS BOUND! 4 hours!

and i got THE COOLEST blue mug last night. It's beautiful.

I'm soooo excited for the game!! and texas in general! ahhhh!

And my brother and I had a 6 minute long conversation that was civil! we're growing up!