Friday, December 10, 2010

iPod Roulette?

Why not?

1. Harvard Variations, Legally Blonde the Musical- ha, enough said? good movie, good musical

2. Hand Me Down, Matchbox Twenty- I could listen to Rob Thomas all day

3. Mean, Taylor Swift- One of Taylor's newest songs. I always think of this one really really MEAN GIRL. She's a flat out BITCH to be honest. "i bet you got pushed around, somebody made you cold".

4. Haven't Met You Yet, Michael Buble- such a fun song

5. The Chipmunk Song, Alvin and the Chimpmunks- Christmas classic!

6.It's All Been Done, Barenaked Ladies- What happened to them?

7. Bigger than Love, My Favorite Highway- part of my pop/punk phase? ha

8. Does your Mother Know?, Abba- I was really born in the wrong decade...

9. The Sea, Carbon Leaf- reminds me of highschool, hanging out in driveways and parking lots.

10. View From Heaven, Yellowcard- Sad, yet happy song. "I'm sure the view from heaven beats the hell out of mine here. If we all believe in heaven maybe we'll make it through one more year" yellowcard just reminds me of high school. great band.

11. Small Town Kid, Eli Young Band. LOVE LOVE LOVE Eli Young Band. They've gotten a lot bigger and still just come at places like GEORGES. My biggest memory of them will always be seeing them in concert last january during the snow/ice with Kate.

12. Hungry Eyes, Eric Carmen

13. Miss Kennedy, Ingram Hill- "there's something more we can't ignore, but nothing we can do", because i'm moving to little rock

14. Love Drunk, Boys Like Girls- not even close to being my favorite boys like girls song, but still good. reminds me of senior year of college.

15. Epic Holiday, Angels and Airwaves. Tom Delonge. Enough said. AWESOME SONG!! "life's just a game/ it's just one epic holiday"

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Kelly said...

Not surprisingly, there is a bunch here I don't know. I know WHO some are, but don't know the actual songs.

Always loved the Chipmunks.