Monday, October 25, 2010

I am alive, I swear.

Well, I haven't updated since I was in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and had returned from an Australian Rules football game. So, WHERE do I begin?

AUSTRALIA WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I can't even being to put it in words. Here are links to my facebook albums. I hope you're able to see them.

Top 5 Favorite things about Australia? In no particular order...

1. playing with a kangaroos for an hour!
2. cuddling a koala! (which i learned is not koala BEAR, no bear, just koala)
3. the great barrier reef. next time, (yes, i will go back) i want to be scuba certified and go diving deep!
4. Tasmanian devils!
5. crocodile tour!

I finally arrived home after a 40 hour Thursday. When I arrived in LA 3 hours before I had even left Sydney (still blows my mind) I nearly had a breakdown when Southwest was making such a huge deal on me getting on an earlier flight, 850 am (i think) rather an 2pm. Finally, dad said, just pay it and get on home! So I ran to the gate, singing "airplane airplane sorry i'm late i'm on my way so don't close that gate" to myself, I make it just in time. I even had enough of a layover at Love Field to enjoy some greatly missed CHEESE DIP and a couple MARGARITAS at chilli's.

4 days later, and still very jet lagged, Laura and I headed to LITERALLY the most magical place on earth. No, it is not disney world. Better.


here are some pictures from our trip!

It was AMAZING! We got there early and waited in line to get inside the harry potter part of islands of adventure. It was sooooooooo crowded, but a lot of fun! We'll be back when it's less crowded.

Laura and I successfully didn't kill each other after spending 3 days nonstop together.

Since Harry Potter World, I've been in fayetteville, finishing up my last semester. After a lot of stressing, finally got a job offer with Garver! Starting January 3rd I'll be a Project Engineer in the TRAFFIC GROUP in Little Rock! I could not have been more thrilled. I recently got my apartment and have been purchasing furniture.

OH! While I was in Australia I found I passed the FE! That ridiculously long test I took back in april.

Hmm what else? I had my appendix removed! That sucked. But i'm all better now!

Now y'all are all caught up on the life of Claire!

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Kelly said...

Life has really been good for you in the past six months. You have truly been blessed and you should definitely be thankful!!

I'll have to see if I can view the albums later when I have more time.