Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I want a pet Kangaroo

Well...let's see. It's 1145 AM Thursday June 3rd. I'm currently in Melbourne. Let me flashback to Tasmania...

we left for Tasmania friday night after we visted Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney and did a group project at the Sydney Records building. (we had a convict and had to look up all the info about him we could find. microfilms are crazy difficult to navigate through. glad i live in the age of computers.) We stayed at "The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel" obviously, it used to be a woolstore. we visited some markets in Hobart and the museum of tasmania. It was rainy on that saturday (typical) and it was SOOO COLD IN TASAMANIA!

Saturday night Daniel, Jordan, Kathryn and I went out in Hobart to this club called the observatory or "O-Bar" it was interesting to say the least, and EXPENSIVE. People on the trip were joking about how Hobart could have any kind of night live but they around 250000 people...which is more than little rock (not that night life is big there...but the river market is pretty fun).

Sunday we left for Port Arthur, which was originally a Penal Settlement. It wasn't really what I expected, it was all pretty much in ruins because a bush fire had gone through it decades ago. Tasmania is a really pretty place, though. Beautiful landscapes.

On our way to port arthur we stopped at the tasmanian devil sanctuary. There we saw tasmanian devils getting fed and fighting and then we went over to the kangaroo area where you just stand around and hangout with a big mob (think that's the correct term) of them! Best part of the trip so far. We also stopped by viewing areas of like Devils Kitchen, and a blow hole and more views of the pacific.

Pictures from Tasmania!

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Mike said...

Since no one comments I thought I would tell you that I see your update. Keep sending more photos.